Insight Acumen can add value to your business using ExtendSim for process analysis, analytical modelling & simulation.

Insight Acumen was founded in February, 2010 by its current Managing Director, Mr Robert Brownie. The company makes use of its extensive industry knowledge across military and civil domains to provide solutions for its clients. These solutions are intended to provide enhanced business options to decision makers. IA is governed by a board of directors that focusses on the strategic development, corporate governance and sustainability of the company. Clients can thus be confident in the knowledge that they are dealing with a firm with a high level of commitment to corporate governance and ethical business behaviour.


Healthcare System Modelling
Healthcare is a socially and technically complex environment that requires strong leadership, and a coordinated and collaborative approach across: strategy & process, people & culture, and data & analytics.
ExtendSim Training Australia

Insight Acumen is providing ExtendSim Essentials Training and other hybrid training by arrangement that includes the Essentials course plus some advanced concepts.

Modelling and Simulation

Processes, activities and processes are able to be modelled to produce a valid model of an existing system. Experiments can then be carried out using the model to simulate use of the system over time.

Case Studies

Army Aviation Training &
Training Support Model
ATC Workforce
Sustainability Model
Child Protection
Simulation Model

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Certified Modelling & Simulation Professional - Master Level, USA National Training & Simulation Association


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