Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation

Processes, activities and processes are able to be modelled to produce a valid model of an existing system. Experiments can then be carried out using the model to simulate use of the system over time. Changes can be made to key inputs, assumptions or constraints to determine impacts of changes. Modelling may reveal changes required to increase throughput, lower costs, produce more efficient utilisation or faster processing times. Many other outputs or key metrics can be included depending on the nature of the system being modelled, and the components of the system that are important to monitor. Some key points:

  • modelling and simulation is a key enabler of operations research.

  • Insight Acumen uses COTS computer software such as ExtendSim, MS Excel etc.

  • many systems may be modelled using the discrete event modelling tool ExtendSim.

  • use ExtendSim to construct a model of the key processes and activities in your system.

  • use the model to simulate system operations over time.

  • test real-world activities under different conditions.

  • refine the model as understanding of process increases.

  • test the future and reduce investment risk.

  • As an ExtendSim programmer, IA has experience programming in the ModL language in ExtendSim v7 through to latest ExtendSim v10, plus involvement with beta testing new versions.

  • Insight Acumen has achieved status of ExtendSim Authorised Consultant by developers of ExtendSim, Imagine That.

  • As an ExtendSim Authorised Consultant, Insight Acumen is one of a select group of leading business organisations chosen by ExtendSim developer Imagine That to establish and grow targeted solution practices around the world. Consultants work closely with Imagine That so that customers maximise their return on investment in ExtendSim solutions, by committing significant time, resources, and expertise to provide the best quality services and support.

  • To become an ExtendSim Authorised Consultant, Insight Acumen:

    • demonstrated exceptional modelling and analytical skills to ensure ExtendSim customers receive expert solutions.

    • displayed an innate ability to provide knowledgeable solutions to clients through ExtendSim modelling while meeting stringent requirements.

    • incorporated ExtendSim software solutions along with proven and measurable technical expertise in a specific industry or unique business.