Healthcare System Modelling

Healthcare is a socially and technically complex environment that requires strong leadership, and a coordinated and collaborative approach across: strategy & process, people & culture, and data & analytics.

Delivering strong leadership comes with multifarious risks when developing the necessary coalitions of agreement to improve the technical certainty of Healthcare’s socially complex processes.

However the ability to pose virtual “what-if” questions to understand the impact and benefits of improvements (via simulations), can improve stakeholder coalition agreement and reduce the risk of failures.

Insight Acumen is a service-based company, set up to provide organisational development (ODC), analytics and simulation services to Australian healthcare providers. Our interactive methodology provides a means to bring complex Healthcare ODC challenges together in visually and numerically understandable formats. Our digital twin method significantly improves problem based professional agreement and outcome certainty and opens opportunities for capability building.

Our unique simulation tool(s) allows leaders to build a virtual environment, that represents a digital twin of their current system and operations. Simulation modelling, alongside our interactive approach mitigates the risk of lower returns on ODC and project investments. Our case studies include ED, Outpatients, Peri-operative services, Medical Imaging, Sub-acute flows and Dental services.

Insight Acumen and partners have a broad skill base to support your leaders and staff . Our value-add to Healthcare providers (health networks, hospitals, aged care, mental health, NDIS) focuses on:

1.  Organisational Development. Qualitative assessment of the interaction between core business operations (process) & human capital (culture) to optimise the ‘agreement’ & ‘certainty’ of change programs;

2.  Performance Improvements. Quantitative assessment of changes to demand, capacity, process & people, with visual impacts on performance & financials due to the changes (i.e. building on the ODC profile above using current/future digital twin simulations); and

3.  Organisational Risk. Quantitative assessment of project lifecycle risk of new buildings or refurbishment programs to minimise loss and contingency funding caused by ‘disagreement’ & ‘uncertainty’ (eg. Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate (DBFMO), and Public Private Partnerships (PPP)).

The services we offer can be one-off, as in providing a solution space for a current ODC operational problem, or a longer-term engagement that requires multiple current & future solutions to project based problems.

For further information, please contact:

Rob Brownie
Insight Acumen (Technology)
m: 0418 891 747
Dr Peter O'Neill
Insight Acumen (Health)
m: 0472 742 864

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Our expert Healthcare modelling team comprises Dr Peter O'Neill and Mr Evrim Kilic.

Dr Peter O'Neill

Principal Health Consultant

Mr Evrim Kilic


Pete thrives on data insights and an evidence base to create virtual digital models that support successful organisational development and change (ODC) programs.

Over 35 years Pete has led engineering and project teams in manufacturing, defense and education Industries across Australia, even moving to building knowledge of others by lecturing into a variety of postgraduate programs at Monash University. He and his teams have delivered a variety of Innovative ODC and Commercialization projects to a range of companies and startups in Melbourne. Pete was also a member of a recent multinational, multidisciplinary team that won a federally funded ARC ITTC grant to investigate, commercialize and provide training in Cell and Tissue Engineering Technologies.

Pete is currently dedicated to developing digital virtual twins and simulation applications for improving healthcare delivery in acute, sub-acute, primary and aged care environments.

Contact Pete:

T: 0472 742 864


Evrim is a mathematician with a passion for data modelling and analytics. He also holds degrees in Business Information Systems and Commercialisation. He combines his educational background with his experience at data analytics and research to create data driven solutions.

Evrim has worked in various industries over the course of five years. He commenced his tenure in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as part of a research project. Since 2018, he had the chance to explore various aspects of the aforementioned industries. His work included intellectual properties, country-wide ideation programs, and hospital modelling.

Recently, Evrim has taken part in the new Women’s and Children’s hospital project in Adelaide. He worked as a member of a multidisciplinary team to create a digital twin of the hospital’s crucial functional units.

Contact Evrim:

T: 0405 789 702