ExtendSim Training Cancellation Policy

Public Training Course Refund Policy

In order to maximise the effectiveness of our training classes, Insight Acumen limits the number of attendees per class. Registrants who have been confirmed for a specific training class may reschedule or cancel their class:

  • Up to 14 days before the course starts  Full refund.
  • One to 13 days before course starts  $500 cancellation fee.
  • No show or no advance cancellation  No refund.

Insight Acumen reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any training class upon a fourteen (14) day notice to all confirmed registrants. Registrants may then reschedule into an upcoming training class or cancel the registration without penalty. The client understands and agrees that Insight Acumen shall not, in any way, be held responsible for any cost, including airfare, transportation cost, hotel expenses or other cost that the client may suffer in the event that Insight Acumen cancels or reschedules a class.

On-Site Training Refund Policy

When an on-site training class has been booked, the dates reserved have been set aside exclusively for you so that time period is unavailable to others who might want training. Travel and other arrangements for the course trainer are also made at the time the training is booked. Thus, our Refund Policy for on-site training is different from that for the Public Training.

Full refund (or no charge, as applicable)

Notify Insight Acumen of cancellation at least 21 days before the scheduled start of the course. Full refund (or no charge, as applicable)

Partial refund (or you will incur a partial charge, as applicable)

Notify Insight Acumen of cancellation between 20 and 2 days before the scheduled start of the course.

The partial refund (or partial charge, as applicable) consists of:

  • No refund on instructor expenses. We will do our best to recover instructor expenses from vendors (airlines, hotel, etc) and will refund or credit you for any expenses we recover. But there is no guarantee that any of the instructor's expenses will be recoverable.
  • $500 cancellation fee if the course was to be held within Australia; $1,000 cancellation fee otherwise.

No refund (or a full charge, as applicable)

Unless you provide at least a 2 day advance notice of cancellation AND the training is within Australia, there is no refund on quoted charges for the training. (For training outside of Australia, there is no refund (or you will be charged, as applicable) unless you notify us of cancellation at least 5 days in advance of the training.)

This policy is intended to mirror the policy of Imagine That Inc.