Business Improvement Analysis & Decision Support

Decision makers are often faced with making tough decisions in an environment of risk and uncertainty. Various tools and resources are available to assist them with those challenges, so that decisions may be made using both intuition and science. A company with an understanding of management science or operations research can assist with the scientific support to decision making. Insight Acumen based out of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, has skills that may assist and support better informed decisions: 

  • determine the problem space, i.e. bound the problem.

  • determine the solution space. What do you as the client picture as possible solution/s to your problem?

  • determine the appropriate tool to solve the problem. The required tool is not always a high-end software program.

  • work with domain subject matter experts to understand processes and issues important to your system.

  • gain an understanding of the parts of the process that need to be represented in high fidelity, and of those other parts that could be represented in less detail.

  • data required in order to model the process, and at what stage the data would be required in the modelling process.

  • assist understanding of complex systems and processes by detailed model of systems.

  • increase knowledge of impacts of key levers in a system.

  • quantify positive or negative impacts on key metrics by changes to the key levers.

  • assist with streamlining existing processes by using system modelling to determine efficiencies in throughput, cost and capability.

  • "blue sky" systems / processes. Use Insight Acumen's process modelling skills to build virtual models of new systems.

  • use a range of techniques in order to attempt to solve problems with the right tool for the job. IA does not use sledgehammers to crack walnuts - a smaller, more precise implement may produce a more efficient result.

  • results focussed. Previously employed for 25 years in the armed forces, Defence and aerospace industry positions. Insight Acumen understands the importance of persistence, getting on with it and achieving the aim.