ExtendSim Training

As the Authorised Training Provider for ExtendSim in Australia, Insight Acumen is now providing ExtendSim Training (Essentials Course and/or specific training and mentoring).

ExtendSim Essentials Public Training Course Schedule (2017)

Start Day Finish Day Location
Mon 20 Mar 17 Fri 24 Mar 17 This course has been postponed due client project workload. Please contact Rob to discuss your training needs. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Mon 15 May 17 Fri 19 May 17 Brisbane CBD, venue TBA. Bookings have now closed for the May course.
Mon 21 Aug 17 Fri 25 Aug 17 Brisbane CBD, venue TBA. Please register by Fri 21 Jul 17.
Mon 13 Nov 17 Fri 17 Nov 17 Brisbane CBD, venue TBA. Please register by Fri 13 Oct 17.

Cost of Essentials public training course is $2,750 per person inclusive of GST.

ExtendSim Essentials Private Training

If you require 1 on 1 training, cost is $3,300 inclusive of GST with course held in Brisbane.

If on-site training is preferred (maximum 4 students), cost is $2,750 per person inclusive of GST, plus travel/accommodation/transfer expenses (quoted separately).

Please Contact Us to discuss your training needs.

ExtendSim Essentials Course Details

Put yourself on a faster track and learn how to build simulation models using ExtendSim in this 4.5 day hands-on workshop. Basics of discrete event simulation will be covered plus you'll get an essential understanding of the ExtendSim architecture. By the end of the course, you will feel confident in building ExtendSim models and have your eyes opened to the powerful tools that can be quickly used for in-depth model analysis.

Topics include:

  • Understanding fundamental simulation concepts
  • Learning the basic item handling blocks and using key value handling blocks
  • Working with item properties, such as attributes and priorities
  • Routing, plus batching and unbatching items
  • Presentation features including hierarchy, cloning, and 2D animation
  • Resource Management using the Resource Pool and Resource Item methods
  • Understanding basic simulation statistics
  • Working with Equation blocks
  • Creating, editing, and accessing an ExtendSim database
  • Learning validation and verification techniques
  • Scenario Manager
  • Data management and exchange with an ExtendSim database
  • Debugging and troubleshooting

Essential ExtendSim Training is designed for Engineers, Managers, System Analysts, and anyone else who wants to learn simulation modelling and/or get up to speed quickly with ExtendSim. It is appropriate both for those who are new to ExtendSim and for beginning/intermediate simulation modellers.

Students will build, run, and analyse a model the very first day of this course. The rest of the week will be spent exploring modelling components and concepts as students apply these concepts to a class project while being coached by the instructor. The students then learn and apply more advanced concepts to the model to understand appropriate analysis techniques. The focus is on discrete event modelling, but the class is also essential for new rate-based modellers.

Prerequisites and Preparation for the Course

You will be working on a Windows laptop so you must have basic Window computer skills. Knowledge of basic statistics (random distributions and confidence intervals) is recommended.

Before your first day of class, it will be extremely helpful if you familiarise yourself with ExtendSim. If you have not already done so, please read the first two Tutorial chapters of the ExtendSim User Guide.

Training Cancellation Policy

Please see the cancellation policy at the following link: ExtendSim Training Cancellation Policy.


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